Apprendre le français

David Sedaris, Engulfed in Flames, 2008, couverture

David Sedaris, même s’il habite plusieurs mois par année en France, a du mal avec la langue française. Dans When You Are Engulfed in Flames (2008), il fait remarquer que la prison est un excellent lieu pour apprendre une nouvelle langue, du moins dans sa version la plus populaire.

Though harsh in other respects, prison would be an excellent place to learn a foreign language—total immersion, and you’d have the new slang before it even hits the streets. Unlike the French school that I actually attended, this one, when it came to verbs, would likely start with the imperative : «Bend over.» «Take it.» That kind of thing. Still, though, you’d have your little conversations. In the cafeteria, in the recreation room or crafts center, if they have them in a French prison, and I imagine they do (éd. de 2009 p. 186).

L’Oreille tendue n’y avait jamais pensé.



Sedaris, David, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, New York, Back Bay Books. Little, Brown and Company, 2009 (2008), xii/323 p.