Les zeugmes du dimanche matin de Tyler Kepner

Tyler Kepner, K, 2020, couverture

«Tom Ricketts owns the Cubs, so he got the curse-breaking curveball. [Mike] Montgomery got a ring, a memory, and the certainty that his job is the best there is» (p. 73).

«He [Roy Halladay] left behind a wife, two sons, and a legacy as a dedicated cratfsman who strove constantly to improve» (p. 256).

«The cutter lends itself to such excitement. It is meant to be thrown aggressively, and to act out the verb in its name. It aims to inflict damage, to take something whole and chop it up : the wood in the hitter’s hands, yes, but also his confidence» (p. 260).

Tyler Kepner, K. A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches, New York, Anchor Books, 2020, xiv/302 p. Édition originale : 2019.


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