Les zeugmes du dimanche matin et de Barack Obama

Barack Obama, A Promised Land, 2020, couverture

«But when Teddy Roosevelt came into office, he determined that a single building couldn’t accommodate a modern staff, six boisterous children, and his sanity» (p. 3).

«But their influence over the Republican Party had by then been supplanted by billionaire ideologues like David and Charles Koch, who had spent decades and hundreds of millions of dollars systmetically building a network of think tanks, advocacy organizations, media operations, and political operatives, all with the express goal of rolling back every last vestige of the modern welfare state» (p. 261).

Barack Obama, A Promised Land, New York, Crown, 2020, 751 p. Ill.

P.-S.—L’Oreille tendue a présenté ce texte le 19 août 2021.


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